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The SRISA Internship Program provides an invaluable opportunity for SRISA students to study and intern abroad in Florence. Students may intern with a local business in Florence or onsite at the SRISA campus.

The internships are unpaid and are offered for 3 credits. Students must work a specified number of hours during the semester as required by the home institution. The student’s final grade will be dependent upon their quality of work, timeliness, and accountability.

Students that have some Italian language competency* will have more opportunities, however, speaking Italian is not a prerequisite for participation.

Internship Disciplines
• Advanced Fashion Design*  

• Art Gallery*
• Art and Jewelry Studio 
• Interior Design 
• Journalism
• Graphic Design 

• Photojournalism
• Video Production
• SRISA Social Media Marketing and Blogging

Internship Application
Interested candidates should submit the following items via
email as soon as possible to allow us to begin the appropriate search for an internship partner.

• Area of Interest
• Current CV 
• Letter of Intent describing your desired work experience
• Portfolio and/or link to your website
• Relevant courses taken. This may be listed on your CV or separately
• Level of Italian Language, if any
• Letter of recommendation from a former employer, internship supervisor, or professor

What is involved?
The amount of time that each internship will require is dependent upon the number of credit hours undertaken. Students that pursue the internship for credit will be required to keep regular hours each week and complete a final written presentation about their work experience. Students can also take advantage of SRISA’s resume-building and career skills consultation.

Internships are unpaid and will be offered for academic credit.
SRISA will make every effort to provide you with an internship, however we cannot guarantee a placement for you. Placements are dependent upon the availability of suitable positions and on an interview following your arrival in Florence.
An internship is a continuance of your studies. When requesting a placement, you should carefully consider the additional time that will be required for an internship and the possibility that you may have to work on Fridays, weekends, or during the semester break. An internship/experience credit placement is a serious commitment, which, when accepted, must be fully and responsibly fulfilled.